Prudential (AVCs): Update

Prudential have written to clients across the UK who are affected by their processing delays.

20 Jul 2021

Don’t let a scammer enjoy your retirement

The FCA has issued the following guidance on how to protect yourself from investment scams, and how to check you’re dealing with an authorised firm.

06 Jul 2021

2020 Newsletters

The 2020 Newsletters for Active, Deferred and Pensioner members are located by selecting the drop down lists via the blue task bar: About Us/Forms and Publications/Newsletters

16 Aug 2020

Information Regarding Transferring Pension Benefits

Information from The Pensions Regulator, Financial Conduct Authority and Money & Pensions Service to anyone considering transferring their pension benefits

18 Jun 2020

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and Stock Markets

The fall in the stock markets and how it affects the LGPS

27 Mar 2020

Restricted Payroll and Pension Service due to Covid-19

No production of paper payslips

25 Mar 2020

Office Move

The Pensions Section have moved back to 8 North Ness Business Park

30 Sep 2019

2019 Newsletters

2019 Newsletters for Active, Deferred and Pensioner Members

24 Aug 2019

Important Changes wef June 2019

Key changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2018

27 Jul 2019

Privacy Notice for National Insurance Database

Privacy notice explaining Shetland Islands Council Pension Fund's participation in the National Insurance Data Base and Tell us Once.

29 Jun 2019

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

Contact details for the Pension Fund's AVC provider - Prudential

28 May 2019